Start filling your 2020 calendar with our CPD seminars

We all know what the January blues are like after a very nice Christmas and New Year. So why not start making some plans for your 2020 calendar and get yourself booked onto our CPD seminars for next year. We're covering a range of different topics, so there is bound to be someting to suit you. Plus not only do you get to sit back and learn about an important topic, you can relax in the surrounds of Durham County Cricket Club with a bacon sandwhich and a hot drink.

Check them out and if any take your fancy, get in touch with Paul Terry, to book your place.


CPM - Wednesday 15th January - 09:00am

Marshalls CPM's BBA approved Redirock modular retaining wall system is an ingenious, space saving solution for the retention of earth for a wide range of retaining, force protection applications. The 'big block system' has the appearance of natural stone, and is sufficiently versatile to achieve height without compromising strength. Each one tonne block (104 series) interlocks with the next and is dry laid, resulting in extremely quick installation and cost savings.

James Jones & Sons - Wednesday 26th February - 09:00am

James Jones & Sons Ltd Timber Systems Division is the UK market leader in I-Joist production. Their accredited CPD covers an introduction to the many available EWP )Engineered Wood Products) available, with special consideration to the many benefits of using I-Joists over traditional timber products, with an emphasis on environmental, economical and technical advantages. I-Joists are ideally suited for offsite & MMC (Modern Method of Construction) solutions for panelised systems for floors, roofs and walls where their shape and stability is critical for high performance systems.

Hush Acoustics - Wednesday 25th March - 09:00am

Hush Acoustics specialises in soundproofing and sound control products for domestic and commercial industries. As an eco friendly company, their products are responsibly sourced from sustainable and recycled raw materials with absolute mimimum usage of petro-chemical based foam products. Whatever your acoustic flooring, sound control, sound reduction or sound insulation needs, they can provide you with the soundproofing flooring and insulation products you need.

More information to follow on the details of our CPD, but if soundproofing is something you deal with on a day to day basis, then this will be perfect for you.

Graf Water Treatment Solutions - Wednesday 29th April - 09:00am

Part 1: Understanding wastewater

Part 2: Systems to manage wastewater and the need for such systems

Part 3: SBR and advanced SBR Systems

Part 4: Sizing the system

Part 5: Managing the discharged effluent

Part 6: Installation, maintenance, servicing and H&S

Part 7: Environmental considerations

Part 8: Regulation and legislation

Part 9: Case studies

Knauf Insulation - Wednesday 21st May- 09:00am

Knauf are one of the fastest growing and most respected names in insulation worldwide. They are committed to helping their customers meet the increasing demand for energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

More information to follow on this one, but if you need to know technical specs and up coming regulations with insulation, then why not get signed up and secure your place?