£250 building materials donation

To celebrate the launch of our Blyth branch renovation, we wanted to give away a £250 donation of building materials to a cause within the local community, whether that be a local charity, a school, a community project, or a friend who could benefit greatly from this donation.

After working our way through the nominations, we have come up with a shortlist of three very deserving finalists; all who will now face the public vote to determine who the winner of the much needed building materials is.

To help you make your final decision which out of the three very deserving causes will take home the materials, have a read below of the short case study on each finalist to find out a little bit more about them and what they would do with the donation.


Finalist 1: The Dales School

The Dales School, Blyth, have recently opened an annexe which now means they can accommodate a further 50 children with a range of special needs. The building itself has been refurbished by the local authority to a high standard, but funding was not available to update outside areas.

The entrance area to the centre which is the first impression for people walking through the door is currently a muddy mess with a concrete path through it, which is not very attractive or welcoming to the children, parents, staff or visitors to the centre.

They have recently employed a new caretaker/handyman and his first suggestion was with some building materials, they could vastly improve the entrance with planters, boxes, seating etc. The children who love to be outside and involved in outdoor activities would participate in the planning, planting and maintenance of the entrance area as part of their outdoor education.

The brightening up of the entrance area would provide a much more welcoming feel to the building. A bright, welcoming entrance can improve the mood of the children who might be unhappy coming to school and this would then hopefully be the start of developments to the rest of the outdoor areas of the school.


Finalist 2: Blyth Wildlife Rescue

Blyth Wildlife Rescue are a dedicated wildlife rescue service working right across Newcastle Upon Tyne and Northumberland, dealing with over 2500 queries every year with the help of over 30 volunteers.

Blyth Wildlife Rescue now takes in around 1000 animals per year, both wild and domestic and deals in excess of 1,600 calls for advice and emergencies every year. Many of their patients are rehabilitated in the homes of their members, who care for each patient through the final stages of the animal's release back into the wild.

They are currently running their pre-spring appeal to be able to undertake essential pre-spring maintenance work required to outdoor enclosures in time for the spring season. The donation of materials would enable them to carry out much needed maintenance work to their enclosures and allow them to accommodate the wildlife.

The spring season is fast approaching; they're already seeing a sharp rise in calls and casualties needing our help, but fear we may have to suspend any new admissions by the time April arrives.


Finalist 3: Blyth Battery

Blyth Battery is operated as a museum by Blyth Battery volunteers. They are an enthusiastic group who maintain, conserve, research and open Blyth Battery to members of the public. Volunteers also put on displays commemorating the history of Blyth Battery at events around the region throughout the year.

They operate and look after the shelter, the magazine, the WW1 & WW2 battery observation post, the searchlight building and the 1st World War Officer's Dugout. They manage all buildings and exhibits, keeping on top of any preservation or maintenance work needing attended to.

Blyth battery offers a range of educational services, including site visits with guided tours, practical activities and handling collections, exploring military buildings and discovering how the North East was defended.

Made up your mind? To vote for your favourite head over to the link below and make your choice! Voting closes 18th April. Good luck to all our very deserving finalists.