Artificial grass- Should you get it?

Are you fed up of your lawn resembling a mud bath in the winter and a dry desert in the summer? Are you tired of the constant upkeep your grass needs? Then artificial grass could be the perfect solution for you. Extremely low maintenance and convenient, giving you more time to spend relaxing in your garden rather than endless hours of work.

Low maintenance all year round

Once artificial grass is installed, it's very smooth sailing. There's no seeding, or watering through the summer months, a simple bit of cleaning to upkeep your grass is all you'll need to do. This gives you much more time to spend relaxing in your garden than having to work.

Looks aesthetically pleasing in all weather conditions

A house and garden are the pride and joy of many. There is no dissatisfaction more so than when you've poured the hard work into your garden all summer for it to be ruined once the winter comes along. With artificial grass, you never have to worry about it matching to the seasons, it will look the same all year round.

Over its lifespan it can work out cheaper in comparison to turf

Many think that artificial grass is going to cost them an arm and a leg, but they forget the amount of money you might spend on your lawn each year. Whether that's having the sprinkler on in the summer for all that extra seeding, or the addition of a new lawnmower or strimmer. Once artificial grass has been installed, you will only need a few household items to keep it looking fresh over the years.

Looks like real grass

Artificial grass has been around for a very long time now and due to all the developments and latest measures, it basically now looks like real grass. Due to the pile height and density, the type and the colour, you need a keen eye to distinguish between some artificial grass and freshly laid lawn.

Installed in one or two days

The quick installation means your garden is sorted in no more than 2 days. No more not being able to walk on your freshly laid lawn for 2 weeks, or having to get the sprinkler out every morning and night. You can have the peace of mind that your artificial grass will stay lush and green for its entire lifetime.

If you're thinking about artificial grass for your next garden project, then get in touch with your local branch today.