The benefits of composite decking

Are you the kind of person who wants a low maintenance garden without sacrificing the look? Well adding in some composite decking could be the perfect option for you.

Composite decking is usually made from a mix of composite wood and plastic, to create a product which is stronger and more durable with the same natural look and appeal. It's a great timber alternative that will help you achieve the same look, but in a much easier way.

Have a read and check out some of the benefits of adding some composite decking into your garden this summer.

Low maintenance

With the busy lives we all lead, top of the list on a lot of people's garden requirement is something that is low maintenance and composite decking provides you with exactly that. Contrasting with a traditional wood timber, there is no need to sand or stain to keep it protected from the elements. They are however still susceptible to a bit of mould build up, however all this requires is cleaning with a standard household cleaner and brush. Ready to use as soon as it's fitted and no staining, what's not to love?


As we touched upon just before, unlike the staining which is required on traditional wood timber decking to keep the colour in check, composite decking doesn't require this. The colour will stay the same and won't fade in the sun due to its UV protection. It's also scratch resistant which means any furniture you decide to add to your decking won't leave any marks and disturb the colour.


With the introduction of an added hot tub in many people's gardens, walking around bare foot can be risky on traditional timber decking; due to the spelks and slippiness. Composite dekcing is a much safer alternative due to its slip resistant finish and the fact that all joints are concealed, which means no exposed nails.

Long term cost savings

Although the initial expense is a lot higher than that of traditional timber decking, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost. By installing composite decking in your garden, you will remove the need for buying staining treatments over the years and it won't ever need to be replaced.

So, there you have it, a new way you can kit your garden out in a very low maintenance way. Giving you your garden of dreams with very little effort. If you're looking for other ways to change your garden landscape, why not check out our other posts on railway sleepers and artificial grass.