Celebrating 21 years with James Burrell

Longevity of staff is a rarity within business these days, workers switch from job to job looking for different opportunites. We're extremely proud here at James Burrell that appoximately 30% of our workforce have been with the company for 10 years or more, progressing through different roles and seeing different opportunities.

We'd like to congratulate two of our longest serving members of staff, Dave Carroll and Gary Bousfield, who have both been working for James Burrell for 21 years this month. Let's take a look at their careers spanning 21 years and what they had to say about working here.

Dave Carroll

Dave is our Traffic Co-ordinator based at our Gateshead branch, however like many young apprentices beginning their career in the Builders Merchant industry, he started his career with James Burrell working in the yard and the warehouse. Again looking at how the company has changed throughout Dave's career, he adds "It has become a much larger operation that when I first started; with the increase in not only branches, but wagons and yard vehicles as well.

Dave has a good bit of advice for anyone who wished to start out their career in the yard, "Learn the products as best as you can and don't rely on the locations throughout the yard, this will make the job a lot easier and give you a very smooth start."

Gary Bousfield

Gary joined James Burrell back in 1998 and was employed as part of the Sales/Estimating team in the Gateshead Contracts office. Still based in Gateshead, he is now our Sales Office Manager. Quite notably like some of our other employees, Gary said the company has changed considerably over the years saying "The most noticeable change over the years has been the expansion from three branches to where the company is now.

Gary has some good advice for someone starting out in the industry today and something which he learnt from being a contractor briefly before joining us, "As long as you respond to the customer promptly, with the correct information and are willing to help, people will notice the effort. The industry is quite close and both customers and suppliers appreciate someone going the extra step to help them out!"