Celebrating 21 years of service

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate one of our longest serving members of staff, Paul Butler, who is our Health and Safety and Transport Manager. Find out a little bit more about how life with James Burrell has changed for Paul since starting back in 1998!

Paul Butler joined James Burrell back in 1998 after beginning his career with JT Atkinson. He started out as a Warehouseman and Fork Lift Driver and his job now lies on the other side of the fence as the Health and Safety and Transport Manager. 

Since beginning his career with us back in 1998, Paul has noticed a lot of changes throughout that time, with the most obvious being those of the additional new branches and regions that he needs to cover as part of his job role. With those expansions into new regions comes the different regional dialects and attitudes which can bring about many interesting challenges. Paul says he has met a lot of very interesting people throughout his career in his Health and Safety role.

His advice for anyone considering a role within the Builders Merchant industry is to be open to any new opportunities as this will give you the best chance to learn and progress within your career.

Longevity of our staff is something we are very proud of as a company and approximately 30% of our workforce have served with the company for 10 years or more, progressing within the company and taking every opportunity that was thrown their way. Keep an eye out as we continue to introduce more of this 30% who continue to set extremely high standards for those beginning their career in this industry.