Celebrating 23 years of service

One of the things we're very proud of is the longevity of our staff. We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate one of our longest serving members of staff, Alyson Hunter, who is our HR Manager. Find out a bit more about how life with James Burrell has changed for Alyson since starting back in 1996!

Alyson has worked as the head of HR for 14 years now, however she started out as a junior in Credit Control where she provided the customer with invoices and POD's and resolved their queries. She has done a few different roles in accounts over the years as her background has always been in sales or accounts before beginning her career with James Burrell.

When she thought about what had changed in the time of working here, unsurprisingly she mentioned how much bigger the company is, however she also noticed the change in technology. Upon joining, Alyson had to file every delivery note when they came into the office and print and post all of the invoices. They ended up with a huge amount of paperwork in the accounts office which was full of shelving piled high with lever arch files.

Of course, there was no email back then so speaking to each other or phoning was the only way to communicate, which Alyson still prefers to do.

More recently in her time with James Burrell, Alyson has completed her training to become one of our Mental Health First Aiders and is there for anyone within the company who feels like they are struggling or needs someone to talk to. It's a vital role within our team and ever so important in the growing climate and the importance of our mental wellbeing.

One piece of advice Alyson would give anyone thinking of starting out in this industry is, everyone knows everyone, so it's important to build relationships with as many people as you can and don't burn bridges, you never know where you might come across them again and need their help!