Celebrating 30 years of service

Staff are the cornerstone of every business. Without a strong workforce, businesses wouldn't be able to function effectively and be as successful as they are.

We'd like to introduce one of our longest serving members of staff to you, celebrating 30 years of service with James Burrell today. Congratulations to Michael Fahey, Head of Sales.

We'd like to give you a little insight into his spanning career with the company and who knows, maybe it will inspire the next new faces of James Burrell who we'll be looking back on in 30 year's time.

Michael joined the company back in January 1989 via a Youth Training Scheme, he started in Trainee Sales and Estimating: earning £1456 a year, paid weekly in cash in a little brown envelope with two tenner's, a fiver and three pound notes! When he started, the company was only a one branch operation with a quarter of the workforce you'll see today.

Michael's advice for anyone who wants to start within the industry is stick in and see it as a long term career. Be open minded, put the effort in and you will be recognised, and the opportunities for advancement are there. Always push yourself and if you feel you can do more, ask for more work or responsibility.

Congratulations once again to Michael.