Construction trends for 2020

As new year's begin, we're always wondering what trends we will see develop and what will become the 'in thing' for that particular year. Trends tend to come and go, but there are certain ones that cement themselvesĀ and stick around for the long run. Do you think we'll still be talking about these trends set for 2020 next year? Check them out below to see what you think.


We mentioned drones in our 2019 construction trends, proving that they are here to stick around. They provide a new way for site workers to gain real-time data on things such as building safety and aerial survey work. As the popularity of drones evolves, they are slowly becoming more affordable making them the first choice solution for much simpler aerialĀ site photography. Developing plans quicker and easily tracking progress and monitoring any issues throughout the process, they seem like a very safe investment to us.

BIM technology

Another trend which is making the lists year on year, Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short. This advanced technology already helps with a number of things in the construction process from the planning and design stage, to the construction and building management stages. It shows buildings, roads and utilities through CGI to help visualise. It has already been adopted by many architects and engineers and in certain areas, BIM is now the standard for many local authorities.

Green construction

Sustainability in the construction industry is becoming more and more apparent as statistics show the construction industry accounts for approximately 20% of global emissions. As the population continues to grow and more buildings are erected using green construction it's a big step in the right direction. Green construction focuses on construction in an environmentally responsible and resource efficient way; from the planning all the way through to the demolition

Construction Management Software

Construction project management software can be a big help and as we see further advancements in technology, it is becoming more advanced and a lot easier to integrate on a job on site. Many of these software programmes are able to group together project management, scheduling and timekeeping in order to create more efficiency through the job life cycle.

Let's see how many of these construction trends make it onto next year's list and which ones haven't quite made the cut.