Easy DIY updates for your home

Ever dream about what your home could be like with unlimited resources and never ending budget?

If you're sitting wishing you could give your home a brand new look without the expense and extensive time it takes for a full renovation, then you've come to the right place. As long as you're willing to give up some of your weekends, then there are a number of easy ways you can make a big difference to your house on a limited buget. Completely transforming your space and making it your dream home.

Get your brushes out

Let's start with one of the most obvious DIY updates for your home, paint. A lick of paint on a wall can make a huge difference to the overall look of your home. You don't need to be able to paint like a professional, you can even head down to one of our branches where you can pick up all the pro items you need to get the job done. A lick of paint will lighten up the room again and if you're ready for the next step, why not even create a feature wall in a room. Not only is it quicker than wall paper, it's cheaper and will change the entire aesthetic.

Total renovation

Sticking on the theme of paint, as long as your kitchen cupboards are all structurally sound, then you'll have no issues cleaning them up and adding a lick of paint. Either the same colour to freshen them up, or maybe you're fancying a total change. All you'll need is sandpaper, a brush, paint and some hardwork; three out of four we can offer you, unfortunatley the hard work is down to you. 

If painting isn't your thing, why not look at changing the handles? Another option which can completely modernise the look of the kitchen in a few easy steps as long as your cupboards are still up to standard.

Freshen it up

As we head on upstairs, let's take a look at the bathroom where you can apply a fresh layer of caulk to the grouting to brighten up the tiling and make it look as good as new. If you've noticed the brown tinges or the cracking, this could be the best option for you before you decide to rip it out and start again. You can pick up some caulk from any James Burrell branch and in terms of DIY it's pretty easy. A couple of little tools and you're good to go. Hello new bathroom at a fraction of the price.

Garden greenery

It may only be February, but if you want your garden in check for when the sun decides to make an appearance in summer (wenever that chooses this year) then now could be the time to start. Adding some artificial grass to a garden can instantly update the overall landscape. Slightly more expensive than the previous updates, but one definitely worth doing for those of you less green fingered.

Or maybe you can update a section of the garden with some paving? A huge range available for every different budget, you're sure to find something to suit.

Whilst your dream home may seem a million miles away, adding some of these small home touches and DIY updates can make a big difference. That's 3 rooms and a garden you can update, which one will you go for first?