The effects of technology on the industry

Think about a site you've been working on recently. A pick up truck, a cement mixer and a nail gun are 3 things that feature on sites. Turn the clock back 100 years and none of those things existed. Technology has been having a positive effect on the construction industry for longer than you might necessarily think. Advancements in technology has allowed us to do jobs with power tools and to excavate sites with machinery rather than with shovels and pure man power.

Technology has always been a big feature in the development of the construction industry, however these days with advancements of tech more prominent than ever, why is it that so many companies are slow to react and change? The technology we see today can have a buge impact on the safety, efficiency and productivity of a project.

Lets take a look at some of the effects technology could be having on the industry:

Tool security

Technology does not only advance practices in construction methods, but also for protecting the tools we use on site from theft. Many manufacturers have added safety features such as QR codes and barcodes so they can be scanned and tracked with telematic systems.

3D rendering (BIM)

BIM, Building Information Modelling, is a 3D model based process which gives professionals the insight and tools to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure throughout the project lifespan. The whole project is designed digitally from start to finish, meaning everything can be analysed before the construction even begins. Allowing re-evaluations of the project to eliminate any risks and reduce costs.


Drones can be hugely useful in construction for many ways. Not only can they be used to improve security and act as a method of CCTV, but they can be beneficial for site surveys by conducting a birds-eye view. The results are much more accurate and a lot quicker, avoiding human error.


Architectural apps which have emerged in the last few years are designed to create a smoother process in building design and project management. These new apps allow buildings to be created on devices and can be viewed anywhere.

3D Printing

Possibly one of the biggest innovations over the last decade has been the surfacing of 3D printing. It has allowed us to print fully prefabricated sections or even full buildings using just this technology. A huge advancement for the development of infrastructure.