An exciting new future for UK Cities

We're back with the next installment of our guest supplier bloggers, this time a feature piece from Kajol, part of the marketing team at Blue Diamond.

UK regional cities are reporting record levels of construction activity as the outlook on the city development seems increasingly optimistic.

Latest reports show from the Real Estate Crane survey show there has been activity in development among UK cities across a range of sectors, including offices, residential, retail, education, student housing, etc.

It has come as a surprise given the multitude of market uncertainties that recent construction figures in UK cities are rising. After all, the UK construction industry ended on weaker footing in 2018, with a three month low in December in the midst of low demand for commercial projects and the impact of Brexit.

According to Deloittes's Real Estate Crane Index, Manchester has 78 sites under construction in 2019. The city has grown exponentially since 2011, and it is clear that Manchester's skyline is progressively transforming with international building designers leaving their mark on the city.

Many of the projects have been backed by significant investment and there have been reports of a stronger business community and an influx of new talent eager to live and work in Manchester, fuelled by the surge of construction jobs available.

Huge investments in infrastructure, sustainability, housing, and connectivity have seen a boost to the image of Birmingham. Projects such as the newly opened New Street Station and the regeneration of wholesale markets, have made Birmingham an exciting place to be.

This is further fuelled by recent news of ultrafast 5G mobile internet which will help commence the use of smart tech in the city. Futuristic innovations like driverless cars will need uninterrupted access to high-speed internet to work on a larger scale. This is where 5G mobile internet will be useful.

Other regional cities the survey has proclaimed as particularly buoyant in relation to the construction industry are Newcastle, Leeds and Belfast. These cities have been reported to have record high levels of activity.

Amongst our own observations within Blue Diamond, it has become apparent that there is a greater demand for construction consumables in the North East.

According to Deloitte's Leeds Crane survey, Leeds has 21 new construction starts in 2019 which show a clear picture of the city gearing up for the next phase of development.

Our prominent addition to the city is the recent decision by Channel 4 to base its new HQ in Leeds. This is a demonstration of the ability to support digital and creative industries, further allowing the city to be established as a hub for technology. This has been further reinforced by numerous businesses that have relocated to Leeds to help to generate a vibrant centre market.

Recent studies give an exciting insight into how UK cities are set to develop over the next 10 years. The question for businesses in UK cities is, how are you going to make the most of this progress and development?