Fire Door Safety Week

This week it is National Fire Door Safety Week and here at James Burrell we thought we would remind you of the five step fire door check that should be carried out in order to make sure your fire door is compliant and not faulty. It is important to note these 5 steps to check buildings that you may live in, work in or are maybe visiting, as you could save a life.

Step 1 - Certification

A fire door must have a certification mark to ensure it actually is a fire door, this mark may be found on the top or the side of the door. If you are unable to find a certification mark then you must report the door to whoever manages or owns the building.

Step 2 - Gaps

Fire doors must not have gaps around the door that fire and smoke could travel through; the gaps that are present must be less than 4mm thick when the door is shut. A good way to check the size of the gaps around a fire door is to use a £1 coin which is approximately 3mm thick. The gap at the bottom of the door is allowed to have a slightly larger gap of up to 8mm; ideally, you should not be able to see light under the door when it is closed. Once again if the fire door does not comply, then report it.

Step 3 - Seals

Intumescent seals on a fire door, or its frame, must be intact with no sign of damage. This can be checked by having a good look at the edges of the door and frame, if you see any visible damage to the seals then this must be reported.

Step 4 - Hinges

Fire door hinges need to be firmly fixed in order for the door to perform well in the intensity of a fire. This can be checked by opening the door and looking at the hinges, you need to look out for 3 or more firmly fixed hinges with no missing or broken screws. If there are any missing or broken this will also need to be reported.

Step 5 - Closing properly

A fire door will only work properly when it is closed fully, therefore the door must not stick on the floor or the frame. It is also important to note that fire doors should not be left wedged open as they will be unable to perform if this was the case and would be completely useless. A good way to check whether a fire door closes properly is to open it halfway and see what happens when you allow it to close by itself. If you are concerned about the door closing properly then report it.

Take a look at the infographic below which has the fire door five step check information condensed which you can use when next installing or checking a fire door. For further information on fire door safety, take a look at the fire door safety week website.