Five top tips for buying from a builder's merchant

New to James Burrell? In this blog post we are going to share a few tips which will hopefully get you going when you visit one of our branches, putting you in good stead for getting your project off to a good start.


Do your research

Whether you're starting a brand new project, or you're re-ordering for the 50th time, taking some time to get some advice can prove very beneficial later down the line. Innovation is on top form in our industry and there are constant updates on products, as well as new entries into the market. These could help you complete your task more efficiently or even more cost effectively, what more could you want?!

Calculate quantities and cost

I'm sure by now we've all heard the classic line about measuring twice and cutting once, but accurately measuring out all the potential materials required for your project can ensure you don't just save money on re-ordering but save all important time on having to re-order and halter the job. Bonus, getting the work done to the same standard, but even quicker.

Open a trade account

Did you know that you can open a trade account at any of our branches? When you're stocking up on materials, you don't want to be worrying about any potential bumps in your cashflow, so opening up a trade account can be a flexible and helpful solution. If you want any more information and to find out if it would be the best option for you, then head down to any of our branches where our team will be more than happy to talk you through it.

Talk to a member of our team

Our team have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about everything from civils, drainage, timber and roofing, to insulation and heavyside building materials. We have teams of experts who are ready to provide you with every piece of in depth knowledge you could ever need. Whether it's advice about how to tackle a challenge in your latest project, ensuring you have the correct additional tools, or you're just looking for some advice on new innovations, our branch staff are more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

Buy in bulk

While this isn't always practical and isn't always the best option for everyone, purchasing materials that you know you use on a regular basis can work out very cost effective. From potential discounts to removing the need for repeat trips, giving you more time to complete the job in hand. While we'd all like to think we could be this organised, for those who lack a lot of storage space, or work to quick turnarounds, we also offer an express service, with just one hour from order to collection - ensuring that picking up any order is as smooth and as easy as can be.

If you're looking for any advice on a current project, or perhaps you've been tasked with something that you could do with a little help on, why not get in touch with your local branch and ask away. We'd be happy to help with any questions you have.