Incorporating social media into your business strategy

The term social media can seem daunting for a lot of people, especially when it comes down to being part of your business strategy. There's a lot of people who don't use it, however even some of those who don't necessarily know how to use it to their best advantage. Social media continues to be a huge part of our lives and it can provide a strong platform for your business if it's used correctly. So don't hang around, read our tips on engaging with your customers and using your time efficiently on social media.


Planning is key to your social media success. It will take away the stress and allow your social channels to remain streamlined and consistent. Even if you don't create a full months plan, at least have a good idea of the main ideas and themes you'll post each week. Allowing for the addition of new things that will keep you relevant. You could use photos of previous projectsorfuture deals you have coming up.

Which platform is right for you?

Facebook is the first port of call for a lot of people, and that wouldn't be wrong, but there are a whole host of platforms you can choose to suit your business. Do you have photographic content and imagery that would inspire people; then instagram could be your best best. Do you want a fast paced environment where you can get involved with conversations; Twitter could be the best one for you.

Get a virtual assistant

If you're tied down with manual labour, it can be hard to prioritise your online content. This is where a virtual assistant would come in handy, they are the best tools if you struggle to find the time each day. For a small monthly fee, you're able to plan your posts weeks or even months in advance. You can relax knowing your social media presence is there and you are still communicating with your customers. Just don't forget to answer your questions and replies to increase your engagement.

Keep an eye on your competitors

We're not saying create carbon copies of your competitors psots, but checking out the type of content that works well for them could also work well for you. How are they engaging with their customers? What tone of voice do they have? Even check how often they're posting.

Share links

Social media isn't just somewhere people go for businesses, it's also where people go to unwind and have a laugh. Depending on what tone of voice you choose for your page, sharing things you see on social media which link to your trade are the sorts of varied content people want to see. Whether it's funny videos, or videos to help educate, it's good to have a range to keep people engaged.

Paid advertising could help you on your way?

Especially if you're a new business and trying to buildup a following of customers. It allows you to target people who could be interested and could generate business for you. It's a really cost effective way of targeting your exact customer base. You can alter the parameters and change it to suit your needs and budget.

Talk to your customers

Putting a voice to your digitial presence creates an element of trust before they even meet you in person. If people are commenting on your posts, or asking for information about a specific deal, then talk to them.