Is it time to install porcelain paving in your garden?

Has endless scrolling online for your perfect garden landscape found you dreaming over the contemporary style of porcelain paving? Us too and we’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you might think to install some porcelain paving in your garden this summer. But making sure you choose the correct paving for your landscaping dream and looking after it is highly important to keep it looking fresh and clean for years to come.

It lasts a long time. So although slightly pricier, you know that you won't be changing it anytime soon, making it a great option for a garden landscaping project. The vitrification process in the making of the porcelain paving creates a super strong, hard wearing material which absorbs very little water. So you don't have to worry about your tiles cracking over time as they are durable to withstand all weather conditions.

Porcelain paving adds a modern edge to a garden landscape. Breaking up the space you have with different colour, textures and sizes can really add depth and style to your garden. It comes in a huge range of both colours and textures meaning you ca find something to fit in with your own space and personal style.

It's actually really low maintenance, meaning it's a great option if you're short on time. It doesn't need much looking after and it's one of the easiest paving types to keep clean. To make sure your porcelain patio looks it's best for years to come, you just simply need to clean it with hot soapy water. It really is as simple as that. Plus, to enhance the lifetime of your patio and keep it looking nice all year long, it's best to keep the area clear of leaves and any debris that might find itself there.

It's ideal for a family garden as it's slip resistant, a great factor considering the UK weather throughout the year. The non-porous nature of porcelain also makes it resistant to moss and mould growth which can often make normal patio stones quite slippery.



This low maintenance method of cleaning is going to take away the hassle you might currently face in the summer months when it comes to tidying up your garden ready for the sunshine. But what level of low maintenance are we talking? Very and we're here to tell you the 4 easy steps you need to keep your porcelain paving squeeky clean all year round. It's a fool proof method and anyone can do it.

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