Marketing Tips for Tradespeople

The idea of marketing for tradespeople can seem daunting however it is important that you use it to your advantage to gain business.

Social media is a great platform to connect with current customers and to target potential ones, it is also free to use so you've got nothing to lose especially when starting out on a small budget.

Facebook is the most common platform for social media and probably the most effective for tradespeople. It gives your customers the ability to leave reviews, which is what your potential customer will be looking for when they visit your page. Facebook is useful for posting images of your work; this is particularly good for catching your customer's eye on your business page (before and after images work really well). Many customers will use Facebook as a first point of call so always ensure all of your contact information is up to date on your page and remember to post regularly. Social media is also a great tool to use for deals and promotions!

Positive reviews online can make you appear more trusting and genuine. Therefore, it is important that you encourage your customers to leave reviews when you have completed work which will help build your credibility. Even share your reviews on social media along with images of the work you have done for content for your business pages.

Business cards may seem old fashioned or too 'simple' but sometimes this is more effective! Business cards are a great way to distribute your contact information and to point people in the direction of your website/social media so they can find out more about your business. Business cards should include your name/business name, contact information, your trade and your social media and/or website URL. Handing out cards when you're on a job and posting them through potential customer's letter boxes is a great way to get your business out there.

Having a branded vehicle is also another great marketing tool for tradespeople. A branded vehicle should not be too detailed but it is essential that it includes your company name, contact number, email and your trade, similar to what you would include on your business card. It is especially useful for marketing as it will be seen by current and potential customers when driving and whilst you are working on jobs so you'll be actively advertising your company without actually doing anything!

Overall, customers who receive a good service are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family so always ensure you act in a professional manner and try to be as helpful as possible. Although good customer service may not be a marketing tip it is a great way to attract customers and as a result should bring in more work.