Morpeth's latest community project, Centenary Festival of Remembrance

Our Morpeth branch has fully immersed itself within the local community, taking opportunities to develop events and activities and give something back to the area in which they serve. The latest community project the branch was delighted to be a part of was the Festival of Remembrance held in Stannington Village. A festival spreading over the course of 4 days, including different activities, re-enactments and of course ending with the very significant 11th of November.

As part of the festival, the village have decided to create a World War One living experience, which will feature a working WW1 tank, a replica WW1 monoplane, WW1 re-enactors, a WW1 trench,  16th Lancers Cavalry display and 29th Field Kitchen. The re-enactment within the trench will show the spectators what it would have felt like to be in a cold, dark deep trench in the ground. The sand bags that we were able to donate to this wonderful cause will be used within these trenches, offering up an authentic feel and providing the actors a great platform for their rifles.

The event is expected to draw a crowd of 500-750 people on the day of the re-enactment on the Saturday. We hope the efforts of all involved are showcased spectacularly throughout the festival to all those that venture along and it serves as a very strong reminder of the reason why this date is so significant and why we mustn't forget.