Must have tools every tradesperson needs

If you believe the old saying 'there's a tool for every job', you could end up carrying around a tool box weighing the equivalent of the house you're about to build. The tool box is like the crown jewels of every tradesperson. Filled with every tool they need, or sometimes think they need, to get the job done. Whether it is an old classic covered in dust, dirt or paint, used for years on every job, or that one piece of tool tech they felt they had to have. Yes, I'm sure you can relate... Each tool box is different, but within that vast selection, there will always be the stand alone classics that should find their way into every tradeperson's tool box.

The Screwdriver and Screws

The tool with so many faces, called upon for so many jobs by many different trades. What would we do without them? Perhaps a stumbling block for the new apprentice on site when asked to pass a screwdriver, with multiple types it becomes a complex task. The most common that you'll find on most sites are Flathead or Philips. The Flathead has a number of uses, from its industrial job of screwing in screws, to the home of DIY of opening a tin of paint. Often the most common you will see as it slots straight into the top of the screw. The Philips, perhaps the most commonly associated screwdriver name, with the cross fitting becoming an icon of the screw world.

Our pick: 7 piece screwdriver set, OTPSSET7, £15

Claw Hammer

The multifaceted hammer with a double use, two jobs in one tool saving you more space in that valuable tool box. So common it's hard to imagine a construction job that wouldn't involve a hammer and nails and the claw hammer is the perfect ally alongside. Both nailing the nails into the wood and removing them if necessary with the claw side of the hammer. It's often most commonly associated with wood products, but definitely not limited.

Our pick: Pro Claw Hammer, OTPCH20, £11.61

Power Drill and Bits

No matter what trade you're in and what job you're working on, it's highly likely at some point in your career as a builder you're going to need to drill a hole into something, no matter what kind of material that might be. In the modern age of power drills, we now have 2 different types most commonly seen on site, cordless with batteries or corded. Of course cordless does sound the better of the two, but admin must be on top form making sure the battery is fully charged.

Our pick: 18v Makita Combi Drill, MPTDHP482RFWJ, £159

Saw and Blades

There is probably more chance of you winning the lottery in your lifetime than not needing to use a saw on site. If you manage to get every piece of material delivered to the perfect size for every single job you do, then we salute you. Unfortunately not everyone is as perfect and they are a vital toolbox essential for making sure things are the correct size for function. Although technically most saws you'll find on site wouldn't fit in the standard tool box, they are definitely still one of our essentials.

Our pick: Predator Saw Red, SAWT22P, £5.99

Level and Tape Measure

So inseparable in a tool box, they only come as a pair. You may have heard the very famous saying, perhaps those that brag on site, 'measure twice, cut once' and these two tools will make sure that one cut is the correct cut and the only cut. Use both of these tools correctly when measuring up your materials and avoid a lot of unnecessary anger and frustration on site. After all, if we can get the cuts right and finish the job quicker for an early finish, who's complaining.

Our pick: OX 8m Tape, OTTAPM8, £3.50