Our specialist teams, introducing Insulation

Introducing our team of Insulation Specialists, ready and waiting for your next project. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, there is no one better placed to help you fulfill your job to the highest standard.

We have a huge stock range and distribution capabilities rivalling that of any traditional Insulation Distributors and provide our customers with the ability to mix insulation and drylining with our wider products including timber and building materials. We offer high quality products all year round- many with next day delivery.


With a huge array of knowledge in drylining and insulation, how exactly can our insulation team help you with your next project?

James Burrell has a vast range of products meaning if you need a box of screws or drywall, acoustic, ceiling, fire protection, insulation for roofs, floors, ground works and walls these can all be provided. If we don't have a product, we will source it for you!

We partner with most manufacturers in our field and have access to the majority of materials to help your build. Need a U/Value calculation, Decibel rating on partitions/ceilings, fire ratings or just some advice, we are the people to rely on.

Some build's need a site visit and at James Burrell we can look at products, any alternatives and special terms with special lead times.

If I was to sum up James Burrell, we can supply, service and meet the demands of your build from small, medium to large projects.

- Simon Sidney -


With our vast knowledge of the industry working for distribution as well as builders merchants, we are able to advise on a range of products from drywall and insulation to specailist acoustics and fire protection.

We work closely with customers and suppliers alike to ensure that you receive the best service and a quick turnaround time on pricing and deliveries. Our branches have an excellent transport department who we are in contact with on a daily basis to ensure your delivery runs as smoothly as possible.

- Clare Mitchell -


Why not get in touch with the team today and find out how our specialist products could help you?