Say hello to Jeff, a HGV driver at our Gateshead branch

With the current situation ongoing across the world, it's easy to forget the importance of wagon drivers and as a profession they keep companies and the country as a whole running. Especially keeping the supermarkets fully stocked in the current climate!

Here at James Burrell we appreciate the work of our 40 wagon drivers and we wouldn't be able to serve our customers and deliver up to 3 full loads a day without them. Like the majority of companies in the UK, they wouldn't be able to function without wagons and their drivers...

Say hello to Jeff Gardiner who works as one of our HGV drivers at our Gateshead branch to hear what he has to say about working at James Burrell.

What does your day involve?

My day starts off with doing my daily wagon defect checks to make sure it is safe and roadworthy. I'll then go out and make my deliveries to customers in the safest way possible and to ensure I create no inconvenience to the general public going about their day to day duties. Sometimes the job can be difficult when making deliveries through rush hour or in tight situations, but I will always make sure I don't create any obstructions and work around the public whilst being professional and courteous.

What is your favourite thing about the company?

My favourite thing about working for James Burrell is how the company is a family owned business and they look after you. My colleagues and I drive up to date wagons which is great and it helps with the job. James Burrell is the best builder's merchant I have worked for and I would recommend them to other drivers.

What would be your perfect weekend plans?

My perfect weekend plans would be chilling with my family and watching the football (when it's back on!!) and spending time with my grandson.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Jeff and our entire team of drivers across all our branches who continue to serve our customers in an outstanding way daily.