On site life hacks

Ever been on site and the equipment just isn't cutting it? Can't quite get into a tight gap or you've hit your fingers with the hammer one too many time? Well we've got you covered. We've collected some of the industry's best on site life hacks, to hopefully make your job from beginning to end even easier!


1. Hang your roofing tools with spring clamps

Hoses? Extension cords? No need to get everything all tangled when you're up a height, get organised with a spring clamp. Just don't try this one on brittle or extremely hot shingles as this could result in damaging them!

2. Clamp with a ratchet strap

Ever need to clamp something together and don't have a band clamp to hand? A ratchet strap can often do the job just as well. Just make sure you slide a bit of cardboard underneath the ratchet and hook to protect the wood.

3. Upgrade your hoe for a rake

Find that you have water splashing over the edge, or that you're just pushing the powder around the tub? A rake won't splash the water and it will mix much better.

4. Don't buy a million roller covers, just make them

Buy yourself a 9 inch roller and cut it into 3 equal parts, that way you have 3, 3 inch roller covers. Saving you money and helping you do more of the job. Perfect for painting trim, skirting and those hard to reach places.

5. Struggling to make holes in the ground in winter?

Need to install things directly in to soil? Signs? Markers? And the ground might as well be concrete? Treat it exactly like if it were concrete and just drill a little hole in it to give you a helping hand.

6. We can't all be the Hulk, lift heavy things with a flat pry bar

Working by yourself can often make lifting heavy things a difficult task. Adding a flat pry bar to your tool selection can give you the leverage you need. For example pushing it under a heavy door ready for the re-install.

7. Tool box getting a little rusty?

Re-create those silica pouches you find in parcels with some breathable fabric, silica crystal cat little and a zip tie bag. Chuck it in the bottom of your tool box and bobs your uncle, no more moisture.

8. Technology savy?

Ever been on site without a spirit level and didn't know what to do? Check your iPhone for the one you can find in your compass app. Better than nothing.

9. Make sure you hammer your nails and not your hands

Even the most experienced amongst us have hammered our fingers every once in a while. Keep your fingers at bay by using a bobby pin to hold the nail in place. That way, we get to keep our fingers.

10. Get the depth correct

Ever use electrical tape to mark the depth on a drill bit? If you need to use it a few times, chances are it's going to wear down. Instead, mark with a permanent marker like a sharpie and wipe it off when you're finished.

11. Got a rake? Then you've got a squeegee

Fasten a bit of pipe insulation on to the back of your rake with some cable ties and you've got a 2 in 1, good to go.