Site safety | How can you stay safe whilst working on a busy site?

There is nothing more important than the safety of yourself and others when working on a building site every day. With a multitude of risks around every corner, it's important to be aware of how you can take care of yourself and others whilst working in a high-risk environment.


It's important to consider the risks on site before you start any form of work. This way, you can manage any potential risks and work out the best way to control them, eliminating any kind of hazards which could seriously impact a member of your team. An important step to take no matter what area of work you're in.

Personal protective equipment does exactly what it says on the tin. It's essential that you abide by the site rules and make sure that you're wearing every piece of PPE necessary for the job in hand. Most commonly out on site you'd be asked to wear some kind of steel toe capped boots and a hard hat, protecting yourself from anything faling from a height.

It's important to remain vigilant and make sure you check any signage on site that will advise you of any precautionary measures you need to take or anything you need to be aware of whilst working there. Signage is key to telling you were you can go and what PPE you should be wearing.

Keeping your area as tidy as possible on a construction site is of the upmost importance to avoid slips, trips and falls from yourself or others working around you. In a trade like you have, it's inevitable that mess and rubbish might build up from time to time, but by keeping on top of it, you reduce the risk of your colleagues or visitors to the site.

There can be a lot going on across a construction site and it’s important to remain focused. Before you step foot into the job or onto the site you should be provided with the necessary training and risk assessments to make sure you’re fully qualified for the job in hand. From learning how to safely operate equipment to familiarising yourself with the safety procedures.