Stay Safe on Site during the Winter

Accidents increase on construction sites during the autumn and winter months.

It’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure you stay safe on site during the winter. Read our blog for a couple of tips on how to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

With fewer hours of daylight, you should ensure your site is well lit, this may mean bringing in additional lighting to avoid any potential hazards and make it easier to work in. Ensure everyone is wearing the correct high-visibility clothing, the reflective properties can warn others of your whereabouts.

Falls are one of the most common accidents on construction sites, and they can happen all year round! The cold and wet weather in the winter months make trips and falls more likely. Hard hats should be worn at all times to protect against falling objects and potential slips. When the snow and ice hit, it’s essential to cover frozen areas or grit to prevent harmful falls. Gritting should also be carried out whenever frost, ice or snow is forecast.

Keeping warm is one of the most important things when working in cold weather and is a must in order to avoid possible accidents. No one likes to have cold hands and toes – make sure you keep warm with the right clothing. It is recommended to wear at least three layers but remember you still need to have enough manoeuvrability to be able to do your job. Boots, heavy coats, gloves and hats are all appropriate for cold temperatures.

Don’t forget we stock all kinds of protective workwear, pop in to your nearest branch to see what we have on offer!

Take extra care and follow these tips to keep safe and warm at work this winter!