Sun protection for onsite safety in the sun

Has summer finally arrived or has everyone spoken too soon. We can only hope it's not the latter and we're in for a summer of blue skies and bright sunshine. Whilst everyone loves the appearance of the sun, it's important to remember the dangers of working outside and making sure we're aware of prolonged exposure and how we can protect ourselves. Whilst the sun is welcomed by many, it does have its downsides to those who work outside all day.

Firstly, wear protective clothing. Opting for something light-weight or slightly looser will help you to regulate your body temperature, whilst also keeping your skin protected from the sun's UV Rays.

Always use suncream which protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Spending an increased amount of time out in the sun can cause serious harm to your skin if you don't protect it.

If you can, try and take some light relief from the sun. Whether that be taking your break in the shade, or working from a more shaded area at the hottest part of the day; you will be thankful at the end of a full day's work.

It's essential at all times to stay hydrated, but even more so in the sun for preventing any heat related illnesses. Make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking regularly and try to focus on your water intake over anything else. Try to aim for at least 2l every day. Cold, fizzy drinks can seem very appealing, but when it comes to hydration, water is the only winner.

Sun protection is vital whilst working long hours on site. By taking care of yourself and taking the precautions listed, you will significantly reduce your risk of any heat related illness such as sunburn or sunstroke. It's important at all times to look after yourself and others on site, but even more so throughout the summer months.