Support us on our charity fundraising walk

A group of staff from our various branches are taking part in an 11 mile walk to raise money for a very important cause.

The charity we will be supporting is North East Hearts with Goals who cover a large area from the North East down to Yorkshire. They are a fantastic charity who raise money to buy defibrillators to place them in areas that need them such as community centres and football clubs. In the UK 100,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrests every year and when this strikes, the best chance of survival is with CPR and a defibrillator. Without this, the survival rate drops 10% every minute... so it will be great to know we are raising money to be able to assist in more defibs being placed in local communities!

We are aiming to raise £1300 which is the cost of one community access defibrillator which could help to save many lives! 

We'd be very grateful if you could help in anyway so we can continue to support the lifesaving work NEHWG carry out. You can find a link to our golden giving page below.

Thank you very much and here is hoping we meet our target and help to save lives.