Sustainability in the construction industry and why it matters to you

In an ideal world, sustainable construction would be able to meet the standards of the continuously growing economy, but we need to start working quicker to try and reduce the rate we're going.

The construction sector hasn't always been a sector renowned for its forward thinking initiatives when it comes to the word sustainability. After all, the first building was built in 2600 BC so the industry must be doing something right, mustn't it? According to stats online, the built environment is estimated to account for 45% of global emissions, 22% from domestic buildings and 18% non-domestic. There are certain adaptions we can all take to start combatting the effects that have imprinted on our man made climate change.

1. Water usage

Something which can play a prominent part in green construction and something which has a number of sustainable options to promote on site. One of those is establishing the use of grey water systems in new buildings. Re-using the water and therefore reducing the need for as much fresh, clean water.

2. Collaborate and educate

In order to be more sustainable throughout the entire industry, we need to work better together in every part of a build. Making sure materials don't go to waste and everything is getting done in the most sustainable way we can. Site visits are always a good idea to show sustainable practice but at the same time making sure you aren't compromising on design.

3. Green design and construction design

Something which is going to get talked about more and more on sites, increasing everyone's participation towards the LEED certification in order to work in a more sustainable way. The LEED certification is there to try and increase the efforts on site to create environmentally friendly construction projects but making sure the job is still completed in the best way possible. This doesn't just include the build, but the entire process from the planning and design to demolition and clean up.


Something which we have touched upon in one of our previous blog posts at the start of the year, but the increase in technology isn't going to slow down any time soon. Using drones on site will allow us to increase sustainability by accessing remote locations quicker and easier, collecting important date, as well as completing safety inspections. As more and more people invest in quality drones, the price continues to fall and usage is set to keep on rising year on year.


We will more than likely see the biggest gains towards sustainability by improving our usage of energy; which is something that we can apply in our homes too! Within construction, we are continuing to see development in insulation, roofs and windows which is all going to contribute to temperature control and drive the efficiency of usage in all different building types

6. Material longevity

There is an increasing trend in the circular economy, of re-using what we already have with many new alternatives making their way into the market, this is a trend which is only going to increase in the coming years.