Tips to keep your decking looking its best

You can help keep your decking looking its best by establishing a regular habit of deck maintenance.


It is important to keep the deck free from debris such as dead leaves and other build-up such as moss or dirt. A timber deck requires the right care and maintenance, you can clean your decking with a cleaning solution or a pressure washer. If using a pressure washer always test on a hidden area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the decking and use as wide a nozzle as possible to evenly distribute the water pressure.

When it comes to treating and protecting decking, you have two different options; decking oil and decking stain. You should also perform regular checks for loose boards, cracked planks and protruding nails and screws.


You should regularly set aside a small amount of time every 3-6 months to sweep away any debris and keep your deck clear of dirt, this can easily be done with a soft bristled brush and soapy water. Or for a deeper clean you can use a jet wash, but make sure to use a wide nozzle and to check the maximum PSI of which your composite can handle.

One of the best protections you can give your decking is to keep an eye on it to spot any small problems early! We hope these tips will come in handy to ensure your decking looks great and summer ready in no time.