Tips to keep your van and its contents secure

In this James Burrell blog, we take a look at how you can protect your livelihood.

As a tradesman, your tools are your livelihood, therefore there's nothing worse than some inconsiderate fool breaking into your van and helping themselves to equipment that doesn't belong to them. Many of us have been there and if you haven't, then you're one of the lucky ones. We all know that emptying the van every night after a hard days graft is the last thing we want to be doing, so what measures can we put in place to make sure out vans are as inaccessible as possible?

Don't leave your van unlocked or unattended

We've all done it. "I'll only be away 2 minutes. Surely nothing can happen in 2 minutes?!" WRONG and it can also make many insurance claims invalid.

Install steel grills and window tints

This will create both a physical and visual deterrent.

Install both internal and external locks

Rather than relying solely on your central locking system, these can add extra security. Consider looking at Slamlocks and Armaplates.

Think before you park

It makes sense that wherever possible, park in a well lit area with CCTV.

'No tools left in this van overnight'

While the above may be a bit of a cliche, it is surprisingly effective in that a thief may think twice if it means they could end up walking (or running as the case may be) away with nothing.

Mark tools with a UV pen

The ink is invisible to the naked eye yet very effective in tracking down stolen goods.