Tips on keeping your paving stones looking brand new

A lot of us have paving stones in our gardens in some way, shape or form, but can we really say they look the same as when they were first installed. You might think it's an impossible task and that the wear and tear of the British weather will take it's toll no matter what, but there is a way to rescue that paving before it's too late.

We've put together some hints on helping you care for your paving throughout the year and they involve things you'll probably already have in the house, no extra costs incurred!

Clean your patio with soapy water. Trust us, it really does work

The easiest process for cleaning your patio and the one that involves household items. Simply mix your washing up liquid with warm water and your solution is ready to go. Pour it across your patio and simply scrub with a hard bristled brush. Finish it off by rinsing with clean water and repeat the process if needed.

Good for: This type of cleaning is good for people with delicate paving or particularly light staining, when you need to take extra care.


Clean your patio with white vinegar

Another store cupboard essential that you'll have at the back of your cupboards, meaning no extra cost for you. To make your solution, mix half water with half vinegar and you're good to go. Pour it onto the desired areas, wait 20 minutes and then scrub away. Finally finishing by mopping the area with water.

Good for: Lifting really stubborn dirt and stains and for an eco-friendly clean.

Top tip: Make sure you move any garden furniture out the way from the chemicals due to the acidic nature of the vinegar.


You do have the option to power wash, but with caution

Power washing will give the paving a much deeper clean. Thanks to the power of the jets, the work is pretty much done for you. However you do have to air on the side of caution with this one when it comes to the mortar. Try to avoid putting any pressure directly at the joints as this could potentially break and damage the mortar, leaving you with a bigger job than what you started with.

You can opt to clean your patio throughout the year, which will take away the pain of that deep clean once summer comes back around. Once it comes round to Spring, especially after the harsh winter months, give the patio a thorough clean.

Throughout the summer, make sure you clean up any spillages (especially grease from the BBQ) to minimise any permanent staining. Give the patio a good brush every week to clear it from any dirt and debris.

Finally when Autumn comes round, make sure you get rid of any stray leaves as they can also stain certain patios given the chance.

Follow these tips throughout the year and you'll have your paving looking as good as new.