Tips for keeping your van and tools secure

Van security tips: how to keep your van and tools secure

For many people their van and tools are their business, so keeping them secure is priority. We have pulled together some handy tips and advice to help you keep your valuables as secure as possible.

Lock your windows and doors
It might sound obvious, but don’t forget to lock your doors and make sure all the windows are closed when you leave your van unattended, regardless of how long or short a time you’re away.

Don’t leave tools and valuables inside your van
Where possible don’t leave tools and valuables in your van overnight, removing these can deter potential thieves. You can also get a sticker which states no tools are kept in the vehicle overnight. If emptying your van every night isn't practical, then make sure everything is locked away properly and out of sight.

Keep a record of what is in your van
For insurance purposes it’s handy to keep a list of everything in your van (with photos and receipts if you can) should the worst happen. It will also help to spot if something is missing.

Think about where you park
If you park your van outside your house on a driveway think about installing CCTV for that extra security or motion-detecting lights. If you do have to park on the road, always try to park in a well-lit area with lots of traffic.

Mark your tools
Mark your tools using an ultraviolet pen with your postcode, this will leave an invisible marking that is only visible once it’s held under UV light. Alternatively, you could add an engraving to all your valuables, it’s much harder to sell on an item that is permanently marked.