Top tips on keeping your house warm this winter

Its official, winter is upon us. We all know what it's like when those cold, dark, winter nights start to draw in and those heating bills start to creep up and up (sorry for the dampner) Whether you can all agree on the set temperature of the thermostat, there are a number of things you can do to make sure that you're making the most of the heat that's in your house. (Especially if you're on the losing side of having the house as hot as you like.)

Have a read of some of our top tips which will make sure you're using your heating as efficiently as possible.

Pipe lagging

Have some pipes in your home which are bare, perhaps the ones that are around your boiler? An easy step you can take to protect the water inside those pipes and make sure it stays hotter for longer is to get some pipe lagging. You can pick this up fairly cheaply and it will make all the difference in keeping your pipes heated for longer. You'll definitely notice a more efficient heating system.

Draught proof your home

Do you ever feel little breezes in certain areas of your house but think they're so small surely they can't make a difference? Well any cold air that's coming in your house is going to counteract with that heat you're paying for. Seal up any little draughts coming in through windows, or buy a draught excluder for your door. Cheap and easy to fit, but more importantly will all contribute to keeping your house warm.

Bleed your radiators

A simple task that can make all the difference. If you're not sure how to bleed a radiator you can always call someone out, or there are loads of help and advice videos online which show you the step by step process. You know you need to bleed a radiator when the radiator isn't heating up all the way to the top to work as efficiently as it should be. Bleeding them releases the trapped air at the top of the radiator and allows the heat to radiate through.

Make sure your boiler is serviced

You would get your car serviced and the same applies to your boiler. To make sure that it's working as safely and as efficiently as possible, an annual service will give you the peace of mind and make sure there are no foreseeable problems. Remember, it's important you check that you're using a gas safe engineer.

Keep your curtains closed

Heat escapes through the windows, so closing the curtains towards the end of the day before you turn your heating off will allow the heat that's already been built up in the house to remain, instead of wasting it and letting it escape. It means you don't need to have the heating on all night but the house will still be cosy.

Wooden flooring? Invest in a rug

Wooden floors are all the range and make a house look stylish, however comparing them to a carpet, they do let a lot of heat escape. Perhaps even just for the winter when the temperature starts dropping, invest in a rug that you can put down to cover some of it up. This way the rug will help cover the gaps and keep more heat in your house.

We all like to think we're saving ourselves some money, so follow these tips and see if you notice a difference to those winter heating bills.