Top tips for maintaining your garden paving

It's more common than not to check out your garden paving and notice moss or weeds breaking through the gaps. As annoying as it is, it's inevitable that this will happen at some point in time due to the damp conditions throughout the year. However, there are ways to avoid it happening too much and plenty of things you can do to keep on top of the maintenance of your garden paving. They aren't difficult, but paving does require ongoing commitment to keep it looking as good as new.

If you're losing the plot when it comes to taking care of your paving, then keep reading. We've compiled some top tips on how you can maintain your garden paving.

Sealing paving

Your brand new patio has just been laid and it's looking spotless. You want to it to stay like this don't you? To protect your patio from the elements, moisture seeping in and damaging the stone, you need to make sure you seal your paving stones. Especially for the winter when a frost lays across the top of the stones. Read the labelling of the product carefully though, as some can damage your stone and cause more harm than good.

Regular cleaning

It may seem like one of the most tedious jobs you can do in a garden, but it's necessary to make sure you keep on top of the cleaning in an effort to get rid of any dirt or debris that could build up and have an effect on your paving. Using a simple mix of washing up liquid and water with a stiff brush will remove any rubbish and prevent any seed germination from starting.

Frequent weeding

Weeds will always find a way to grow in your garden, no matter how much you try and curb the spread. Even more necessary if you have damaged mortar or wide spaces in between the stones which is the prefect environment for weeds to grow. To prevent this from happening as little as possible, you need to make sure you're pulling the weeds from the root if you can. If you find this isn't working, then regularly using a weed killer will be another option.

Filling joints

After you've weeded your patio area, it could result in wider gaps between the stones. To prevent more weeds from growing and undoing the job you have just done, you'll need to refill the joints. Pointing should only be carried out when the patio is dry.

Power washing

If you're lucky enough to have a power washer, this is the perfect cleaning solution to blast the patio and get rid of the build-up of moss and algae which often spreads across. Although this doesn't need to be carried out as often as cleaning, it is more of an occasional deep clean. All you need is warm soapy water spread across the stones and your power washer. You can also use a standard floor cleaner, however make sure you check that it's acid free as the acid in many cleaners will damage the stone.

If you don't want your pario to age and want to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible, then keep on top of it and follow these steps. You'll thank yourself in 10 year times!