Top tips for providing the highest level of customer service

As the world becomes increasingly more digitial in every sense of the word, making sure your customers are happy and receiving the highest level of customer service is more important than ever. Traditional word of mouth used to be the highest level of acknowledgement for a business, however turn the clock forward and when people are looking for recommendations, they turn to social media; the digitised word of mouth.

The digitial platform has changed the lives of businesses for the better, as a way of interacting with your customer at the first touch point and to enable your business to showcase your brand to new and interested customers. However, it also works in the polar opposite and with positives come negatives. If your customers aren't receiving a level of service they believe is acceptable, or have had issues with any work you have done for them, social media is the first place they will turn to and broadcast their opinion. Whether this be directly onto your page as a review, or broadcasting to their hundred of followers who will see and more than likely form the same opinion from the off.

Social media is going nowhere anytime soon, so what can you as a business do to make sure that in this digital climate, where leaving reviews can be the downfall for a business, you make sure you are providing the highest level of customer service? We've put together some top tips to make sure that you're only receiving 5 star reviews and recommendations.

Look at every touchpoint on the customer journey

The cycle of the job could be a long one. From the customer initially reaching out for a quote, to the work being completed and it's important that not only do you make a good first impression, but you continue that impression from the start to the end. Making sure you keep in communication with your customer throughout the entire process.

Acknowledge your customers

We all have busy times, but to make sure those busy times last, it's important to acknowledge your customer at the first touch point as soon as you possibly can. Whether that is replying to a Facebook message, picking up an email, or receiving a call. It's important these actions are acted on fast to make a good first impression. Generally customers will ask for quotes off a few and compare, it's important you're the first to make the move so you're in their head from the off.

Reward customer loyalty

Keeping customers happy is the be all and end all. If you have some customers who have been with you for the long haul, then why not create a loyalty scheme which allows them to make something up. Whether that be a bit of discount every now and again when they spend so much, something free, or even acknowleding their loyalty with something a bit more personal. It makes the customer feel valued and gives them an incentive to keep coming back. It also encourages new customers to keep you in the forefront of their mind and come back again with more jobs.

Keep in touch

Keeping in touch can often be bypassed as other jobs come up and time becomes of the essence, but keeping in touch with previous customers allows them to feel valued and it shows you remember the work you did for them. Catch up on the work you did do and maybe there is something else they can send your way.

Give customers a way to proivde feedback 

Public feedback is a scary thing, but if you know you're doing a good job then why worry? Allowing your customers a chance to provide some feedback allows you to increase your customer service even more and find out what you're doing great and what you could improve on for the next one. Don't forget though, it's always a good idea to reply to these comments to make sure the customer feels like their opinion is valued. Even more important, if it's a good one, they're likely to come back.

The digital world combined with customer service is a scary one, but by following these steps and making sure your customer is happy for the life cycle of the job, then you'll be on your way to a lot of repeat custom.