Treating your timber decking right

Choosing to landscape your garden is an investment, and it's one that you want to last. That's one of the reasons why people are anxious about changing their garden setting too much. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix and you can't expect your decking to last perfectly without a little bit of TLC over the years. But we can promise you you will reap the benefits with the small bit of work you need to do each year, keeping your decking in tip top condition for years to come.

Most of the equipment you'll need for carrying out this garden maintenance job is stuff you will already own, with the exception of a pressure washer which is optional and of course your decking stain.

Using a cleaning solution to clean your decking

You can opt for a ready-made cleaning solution to clean your decking. The benefits of these are that the solution gets to work straight away with minimal effort from you. These strong solutions can be damaging to plants though, so as a precautionary measure make sure all your plants are covered and any furniture moved out the way.

Always check the solution instructions on the back to make sure it's suitable for your decking and you won't do any damage.

Make sure you sweep away any dirt or debris that has built up on your decking before using the solution and wash it awat with your hose at the end after brushing.

Cleaning your decking naturally

Alternatively, you can make a solution by mixing good old fairy liquid and water. Grab a stiff wired brush, some elbow grease and get to work. Although a little more time consuming, you can be sure you'll get into every groove and get rid of every last bit of dirt.

Using a pressure washer

If you are using a pressure washer to help speed the process along, then you do have to be mindful of their power. Test a small section first so you know you won't do any damage and make sure you don't get too close. It's recommended to be no closer than 15-30cm as this can damage the surface. If you can, use a wide nozzle to spread the water as much as possible.

Remember though, if you've noticed a build up of mould on any section of you decking, then make sure you treat that first so it doesn't spread.

Using a decking stain

Decking stains are available in a wide variety of colours which is why they have become very popular. They give you a much more natural finish compared with paint. They not only give you your desired colour of decking, but they seal the timber from any harsh weather by creating a touch layer on top of the wood.

You'll need a couple of coats of decking stain, but wait roughly 4 hours for the first coat to dry. Apply it with a paintbrush, painting 3 or 4 boards at once to help prevent any messy finishes and overlapping marks.

Using a decking paint

If you feel like your decking needs a pick me up, or perhaps you just fancy a change in colour, then all you need is a couple of coats of decking paint. It will cover any parts of the wood which are turning grey and even fill in any little cracks which have appeared.

Apply it much the same as the decking stain. Leaving plenty of drying time between your 2 coats.

Even after staining or painting, you'll need to keep on top of your decking by making sure you keep it clean.

Did you know we supply Ronseal decking stain and paint in a huge range of colours at some of our branches. Perfect for keeping on top of your decking maintenance. Why not get in touch with your local branch today to find out more?