Using railway sleepers in your garden

If you're not very green fingered, or don't have an eye for creativity, it can often be hard to look past your standard grass and paving and picture how you can use the space to its best potential.

There is one product out there that could be your saving grace if you're looking to upscale your garden at a fraction of the price. Railway sleepers. Thanks to their versatility they can work wonders in your garden as they can be used for just about everything.

Have a read below at some of the top ways you could introduce railway sleepers in your garden.

Raised flower beds

Creating a raised flower bed within your garden is a great way to add another dimension to your space and is also very easy to complete. Once you've created your structure to the dimensions you want, all you require is some topsoil and some planters. The perfect addition to add a bit of depth and colour to your garden landscape.

Two level flower bed

If you're working with limited space in your garden, then you could create a two-level flower bed. Working up over will leave you with as much possible floor space but will still create the feeling of a full looking garden. These can often work well in yard type gardens where you may not have any grass at all. Create these the same way you would with a raised flower bed, just simply add another layer.

Create a walkway

If you're looking to create a countryside feel within your garden, then you can create a walkway out of sleepers then fill it it with some pebbles or gravel. Creating something more stylish than our standard stepping stones.

Lawn border

A simple way to add some style to your garden and possibly the easiest option of them all, is to create a border around your grass. The new edging will create a garden landscape which looks neat and tidy. Finishing off your whole look and keeping any pebble paths at bay.

A lawn border can also come in handy if you're trying to section off your garden, for example from some grass, into paving and then pebbles. This can work well in gardens which are very long and narrow.

Create some furniture

If you're feeling extra creative and you're handy at DIY, then you can even use railway sleepers to create a bench or a seating area within your garden. You can make it fit perfectly into the space you have, keeping the appearance of your garden very neat.


So there we have it. A few easy creations using just one product that can totally transform your garden into a totally new space. Why not make it your project this summer and see what you can create?