What should you look for when buying a nail gun?

When it comes to effective ways of connecting wood together, nail guns are one of the most useful tools around. Widely seen on most construction sites and home build projects, they make it simple to fix what you need in place.

If you haven't already got one in your toolbox, it really is worth adding one. They not only save time and money but also give strong, long-lasting results. But what should you be looking for in any nail gun that you purchase? Here are a few of the most important things to think about:

Ease of use

One of the first things to think about is how comfortable the nail gun you choose is to use. After all, you don't want to buy one that becomes uncomfortable shortly after you start nailing materials in place with it.

One of the prime concerns here is how heavy the nail gun is. Make sure the one you select is not too heavy while still feeling stable in your hand. It's also worth thinking about the trigger mechanism your choice has. Some may release the nail when the trigger is pressed while others require you to press the nail gun against a surface with the trigger held to release. Make sure the tool you choose has a mechanism that you will find easy to operate.

Consider which features it has

Of course, different nail guns will have various different features included. Some, for example, may come with an adjustable depth setting so you can choose how deep the nails are driven in for certain jobs. Others may be cordless models which are handier for tight spaces and moving around a building site with. Have a look at what you need your nail gun to do and then find one which meets these goals.


Of course, money also has to play its part! While you naturally want to buy the best quality around you can, it is always worth looking for the best value. Very often now, you can find some superb nail guns at great prices to pick up.

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