World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Today marks World Suicide Prevention Day, WSPD, an annual event to create more awareness and to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides.

In 2017, in the UK and Ireland alone, over 6,000 people took their own lives (data taken from the Samaritans). Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy and the stigmatism that remains widely around the subject and people feeling like they can't be okay is something that we all need to work towards eliminating.

The feelings that people have when the idea of suicide takes control of them can affect anyone, however working on a building site has become one of the most deadly professions in the UK and not for the reasons that you would think. Between the years of 2011 and 2015, it was reported that more than 1,400 construction workers took their own lives.

Many would take a look at the construction industry and see 6ft, stocky men working in teams with a high level of comradery, but there are many times when being part of the construction industry can be a lonely time and due to the stereotypes of construction workers, they suffer in silence. Afraid of speaking out and being seen as weak. 

Like many industries, it's a very high pressured environment and we all need to work together, now more than ever, to help those around us who we feel may need some help. It's highly likely they won't want to talk about it, but being there for them in any way you see fit could allow them to slowly open up. It will take time, but the smallest of gestures can have the biggest of impacts.

Let's all start taking steps towards looking after our own health, as well as each other's on this World Suicide Prevention Day. If we all start taking action on not only caring for our physical wellbeing, but our mental wellbeing, then hopefully we can start to reduce the figures surrounding suicides within the industry.

If you feel like you're struggling and would like more advice or someone to talk to anonymously, then head on over to the Samaritan's website where there are many articles, tips and support available.